All SBs, especially tumblr SBs BEWARE!!!

This man runs an SD blog where he pretends to be the sweetest, most respectful, generous SD there is. He is everything but. He used to be sugar daddyforreal but has recently deleted that blog and started another after violently…

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This was not easy to put on.


This was not easy to put on.

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Sadly the last photos I will upload of Ninfa for a while. I wish her well in her new Job and with her soon to be husband.

Model: Ninfa Shibari and cameo of Belasse Inferno

Rigger: Me

Photo: Me

9 more at http://fanrin.deviantart.com

twitter : @shibarimx

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fanrin

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This is how we like it…

Being sucked while locked in chastity - Part 1

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